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the international logistics service company. The world's leading international in a fully integrated format with highly experienced service staff in each field. We have a full range of services, all types of services to meet all needs of customers, importers and exporters by sea freight (Sea Freight), Air (Air Freight), and land (Trucking / Transportation). Both for import and export products

With the network of WNS Worldwide Logistics, there are branches representatives in every country in the world, so customers can be confident that when you use our services. Your cargo will be delivered to your receiver by our excellent service quickly, accurately and smoothly in a timely manner.

Sea Freight Service: LCL and FCL mode of sea freight, the company has a group of world leading shipping companies ready to serve. To meet all the needs of customers in every form Which the company can recruit Boat excursion, reasonable and fast journey, provide each transport quickly and accurately.

Air freight Service: Air freight The company has a consortium of more than 70 leading airline companies in the world. Customers will be able to ensure that your cargo will reach the destination quickly and smoothly in every shipment. And meet every need of the customer

Cross Border by Truck FTL, LTL (LAO, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia & Singapore): Land freight by truck. Thailand is a country that can transport goods by trucking by land to countries adjacent to Thailand such as Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia and Singapore, with the company providing both export and import products in the aforementioned countries. Both in form Less than full vehicle (LTL) and full vehicle (FTL) as well. The company offers such services on a regular basis and with highly experienced staff in this field.

Customs Clearance Service: Services for customs clearance for both imported and exported goods. The company has staff who provide specialized services. More than 20 years of experience, familiar with the customs authorities, can do it accurately, quickly and save money on some items incurred in this process.

Trucking Service 4Wheel, 6Wheel, Hualage: Trucking Service, this service has trucks to serve customers of all kinds of sizes, including temperature-controlled vehicles as well, our staff are specially trained to familiarize themselves And understand the transportation routes in each route in Bangkok and other provinces

Packing and Lashing: Service to pack products by wooden crates. The company has a crate hitting service. Both on-site and off-site, both in transparent and solid crates. The company also provides anchoring services within containers. Keep in place Not to move

Privilege Form Service is a service for processing destination tax deduction forms in countries that have special trade agreements.

Door to Door Service Pick up -Delivery from Point to Point No matter Smaller or Bigger: Freight forwarder From the sender's home page To the recipient's home page Both exported and imported products The company has a lot of expertise in this area with experienced service personnel and branch representatives in each country around the world with a long service experience. Suitable for all kinds of products 



Freight forwarder and Logistics

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WNS WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS CO.,LTD 3/33 Soi Serithai 43, Khlong Kum Sub-district,Bueng Kum District Bangkok 10240 Thailand แขวงคันนายาว เขตคันนายาว จังหวัดกรุงเทพมหานคร 10230 ประเทศไทย


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